Unique insights and a proprietary understanding of the customer.

Clarity in terms of method and detailed design is the essential to delivering clarity in the findings.

Answer Based Methods

Today the challenge is to quickly design, field and discover the insights that inform senior management decision-making. We do this by aligning answer based methods within specific practice areas – drawing on the methods we’ve fielded and enhanced over hundreds of studies.

Custom Based Research

Qualitative Research Experience:

Our mulitnational expertise has taught us to adapt from culture to culture – skills that are now essential among our diverse US population.

Applying our moderators certifications in a number of qualitative approaches has been invaluable on studies involving business executives, engineers, construction workers, physicians, and hospital purchasing managers.

Whether participants are surgeons or soccer moms, our clients come to realize the difference between a “facilitated session” and true qualitative research. And while the skills of the moderator ultimately determines the richness of findings, getting to the key motivations of today’s savvy consumer requires constantly innovating and incorporating new techniques in either group forums or in-depth one on one formats.

Quantitative Research Expertise:

Quantitative studies respond to our Clients’ need for the strong, definitive evidence that will guide significant business decisions and investments. We respect and embrace this responsibility.

Our distinction builds on our Answer Based Methods, yet our approach to quantitative design begins with adopting the goals and objectives of Client organizations. It’s a matter of staying true to the requirements of what constitutes quantifiable findings, while employing the latest and most advanced analytical techniques. Specifically, our global expertise has been vital in identifying the cultural biases of traditional models in designing studies that reflect today’s multi-cultural marketplace.

Client interest in quantitative studies has kept pace with the expansion of multi-channel predictive models. Essentially, connecting customer understanding to the wealth of customer information marketers are able to gather.


Market Analysis

Competitive landscape, brand shares, AAU
Current narrative, trends, future expectations
Brand Strategy Research (BSR®)

Product Development

Concept testing (market potential, price/value)
Attribute importance (max diff, derived importance regression)
Product optimization (conjoint & discrete choice)

Messaging & Advertising

Marcom effectiveness (tryad)
Path to purchase (channel use & experience)
Point-of-purchase/packaging design

Customer Experience & Loyalty

Product/service experience, narrative/empathy
Satisfaction & delight measurement
Loyalty drivers

Methods and Techniques:

Methods are applied as part of highly valued relationships. From design, through launch and assessment, clients are able to rely on a single source from defining new opportunities to measuring customer satisfaction.

They draw on our breadth of experience in, project management excellence and distinction in providing a clear path forward for market strategies.

In return, your success is our success.