MarketResponse Enhances Brand Research with Acquisition of BrandneXt Model

MarketResponse International is very pleased to announce the acquisition of BrandneXt™ by SAMR, our European partners.  The BrandneXt™ model has the same roots as the Brand Strategy Research (BSR) model, which has been a MarketResponse core strength since the company was founded in the US in 1992.. Read more

A New Perspective Through The Motivational Lens™

You Can’t Catch The Market Off Guard By Responding To Existing Behaviors (Minneapolis, MN 9/22/2016) Accept it. Our obedient consumer marketplace was hijacked more than a generation ago. Ad agencies worked to soften the blow with engaging creative executions. But the days of proclaiming "Choosey Mothers Choose Jiff" and expecting an eager market to eat it [...] . Read more

Narrative Research: Revealing the Real Story of the Customer Journey

(Minneapolis, MN 8/2/2016) The term “Storytelling” has been thrown around a great deal over the years. When we use the term in a true research context, we’re referring to a highly structured forum designed to prompt a participant driven dialogue. The skill is in observation, not leading. Respondents own the conversation, and they reveal [...] . Read more

5 Guardrails to Guide Qualitative Learning

(Minneapolis, MN 3/20/2016) It’s not in my nature to be the adult in the room, but it’s time to clear the air on using “qualitative” to breathe one's own exhaust. Each morning research facilities the world over are replenishing M&M dispensers, filling minibars and testing sound levels for the next episode of “how much do [...] . Read more

Brand Research Practice Launches A Brand Of Their Own

(Minneapolis, MN, 12/16/15) With a 20-year history of guiding global brands through major product designs, positioning strategies and message testing, the decision to launch a new identity and offering would require great care. “We needed to demonstrate our belief in a meaningful brand presentation. It’s a ‘Practice What You Preach’ predicament. Tom Pearson, [...] . Read more