Brand Research Practice Launches A Brand Of Their Own

Minneapolis, MN | January 01, 2016

With a 20-year history of guiding global brands through major product designs, positioning strategies and message testing, the decision to launch a new identity and offering would require great care.

“We needed to demonstrate our belief in a meaningful brand presentation. It’s a ‘Practice What You Preach’ predicament. Tom Pearson, MarketResponse CEO, continues, “We began by following our own prescription of understanding category, brand, and an expanded value proposition of dramatically improving marketers’ messaging platforms. The process renewed my appreciation for the decisions our clients face on a daily basis.”

MarketResponse International became part of the Minneapolis marketing community in the 1990s. Through new quantitative methods developed by MarketResponse, Netherlands, the US beachhead brought “voice and dimension” to account planner insights. Specifically, their brand strategy methods draw on Adler’s social/psychological theory. Engagements produce a motivational segmentation built on factors that drive consumers’ buying decisions.

The firm retained Minneapolis based UNO Branding to develop the identity, establish brand standards and design the firm’s online presence.

“We told him the assignment was to speak to two specific groups – Those who wanted to know what we do and those who wanted to understand how we do it. He took it from there in terms of the overall design as well as the navigation choices of the website.”

“In short, findings that once provided solid strategic directions can now extend to drive specific message platforms for marketers,” says Pearson. “Our Research-To-Work offering is a powerful link between true research, data integration and the predictive models that drive e-mail and social campaigns.”

MarketResponse International is a full service, global research firm based in Minneapolis, USA.   The firm works on a global scale for leading brands in medical, financial, automotive, industrial, government and consumer products.  Founded in 1992,  MarketResponse is recognized as the most experience firm in the field of Motivational Research.