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MarketResponse International is very pleased to announce the acquisition of BrandneXt™ by SAMR, our European partners.

January 25, 2017

Tom Pearson, CEO of MarketResponse International: “SAMR’s acquisition is very exciting to us, because it brings an additional 30 years of Brand Strategy Research expertise to our group; and BrandneXt™ especially enhances our BSR model with its particular focus on brand equity.”

The BrandneXt™ model has the same roots as the Brand Strategy Research (BSR) model, which has been a MarketResponse core strength since the company was founded in the US in 1992.

The combination of both models, and the sharing of expertise between Europe and the US, ..."enhances our ability to provide unique insights and marketing vantage points that empower our clients, enabling more effective and profitable brand stewardship." (Pearson)

MarketResponse International, in partnership with SAMR, has employed the BSR model in a range of industries, from automotive to financial services, healthcare to pet foods, and mobile technology devices to other consumer durable products.

For more information, please inquire by email to Derek Pearson:

Foundation of the BrandneXt and BSR Models

BrandneXt™ and BSR models are both based on a universal model of human psychosocial functioning, originated by Dutch Professor J. Paul Heylen in the late 1980’s. In a paper written in 1995 by Dr. Heylen and colleagues, they described the implicit model of consumer behavior as: “. . . providing a breakthrough both in understanding consumer behavior and in linking qualitative and quantitative behavior within the same objective framework. The model synthesizes psychological, sociological and socio-biological theory and provides measurement of consumers' rational and emotional responses.”

The output provides new insights and great detail regarding competitive brand positions, relative to the segments that define the market being studied. Ultimately, the model is designed to inform the full range of product and marketing decisions that impact the branded experience, including: product design, pricing, messaging and advertising, etc.

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