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Narrative Research

Companies Need Insights Into The Remote Employee Experience

For many of us, working from home this past year has had a life changing impact on our routines.  For some, this poses a welcome opportunity to spend time with family and more room for interests and hobbies.  For others, the lack of structure raises concerns in career progress and opportunities.

Some remote workers thrive while others do not

Working from home is a vastly different experience from working in an office.  No longer are we together with colleagues, under the eye of bosses, or in proximity to the C-suite.  Some prefer the social environment of the office while others thrive in their homes.

There is a need to determine if remote work is a good fit for each unique corporate culture

Even as Covid fears dismantle, research show that 80% of company leaders will continue to off a remote work option. Studies show that virtual offices save money, increase job satisfaction and boost productivity.  However...

Divisions within a company have varying needs

There are divisions/departments independent of each other, within each corporate culture.  This is where there is a need to gather insights into how remote work affects employees in each of these separate sectors of a company.

The virtual office worker has a story to share, and it is the job of company leaders to listen.

By revealing a new employee narrative, adjustments can be made to mitigate potential pitfalls and soothe concerns.
  • "Employees are naturally nervous about the repercussions of sharing feedback with leadership, especially if it is negative.  Use methods that guarantee anonymity through online surveys and focus groups conducted by an external vendor," Loren Margolis of Training & Leadership Success LLC

MarketResponse has 30 years of experience in carefully gathering key insights into employee narratives.